Ejaria Global Resources Limited is situated in Nigeria.

Ejaria Global Resources Limited is working hard to become a leading company in terms of satisfying human needs and wants globally by providing natural farm produce

Ejaria Global Resources Limited is an existing and innovative company dedicated to global services through:

  • Engaging in any or all of the activities of producing, supplying, preserving, processing, storing, distributing and marketing farm produce and products.
  • Engaging (without prejudice to the generality of the forgoing) in farming in any and all of its branches.
  • Engaging in carrying on business as events planners and decorators.
  • Carrying on business as general suppliers of articles and things of all kinds and logistics providers.

Ejaria Global Resources Limited is an innovative company that deals with agricultural crops and general services.
We have 5 hectares of farm land that concentrates on planting Cassava, Plantain and Cucumber.
Ejaria Global Resources Limited has chosen 7 (rice, yam, onions, mushrooms, Cassava, corn shea Butter/nuts and suya beans) plant produce to satisfy human consumption and significant market demands.


Ejaria Global Resources Limited is run by Joseph and Joy Ejaria

Joseph and Joy are Co-Founders of Ejaria Global

Joseph is the CEO of Ejaria Global and he’s in charge of the administrative sector and take care of all administrative requirements.

Joy is the MD/COO and also the field officer of Ejaria Global farms.